RTL-SDR dongle


Welcome to SDRx, where you can remotely connect to online SDR receivers and stream live, raw I/Q data from rtl_tcp servers. You can also use the OpenWebRX+ web receiver to access all radio bands from your browser, or the online DAB+ receiver to listen to digital radio broadcast.

Local SDR receivers

Site location: Aigle, Switzerland - Locator: JN36lh - ASL: 417 m

SDR #1: VHF/UHF bands, RTL-SDR v3, 2m/70cm ham indoor whip antenna

SDR #2: LF/MF/HF bands, AirSpy Discovery HF+, YouLoop passive indoor antenna

SDR #3: VHF/UHF bands, AirSpy Mini, telescopic whip antenna

SDR #4: VHF/UHF bands, Nooelec NESDR v5, telescopic indoor whip antenna

We are thinking about a new concept that would suit the interests of the community better, more specifically as a directory or meta-directory service. So stay tuned and come back here in a few weeks! If you would like to help the project by adding your receiver to SDRx.io, please contact us.

Online SDR directories and maps

The following external sites provide maps and directories for public SDR servers


You are welcome to contact us at sdrxcontact@gmail.com

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